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I was raised in Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, California. I come from a family of hot-blooded Swedes, Polacks, Black Irish and Brits--storytelling is in my blood on a cold winter night. My grandfather Richard Gehman, known by journalist colleagues as The Machine, was a profoundly eccentric and prolific writer for magazines including Playboy, T.V. Guide, Cosmopolitan and many more. He wrote more than half a dozen books and biographies, including one entitled Sinatra and his Rat Pack, which is said to have been the catalyst for that gang of crooners nickname, The Rat Pack. I was also raised around my grandmother, Estelle Parsons, Academy-Award winning actress and Broadway Theatre Hall of Fame inductee. Her maverick spirit and will to accomplish any stage feat and climb any (literal) mountain (every time I turn around she is in some place like Patagonia or up on Mount Kilimanjaro) has inspired me from the beginning.

            And closer to home there is my mother. She has worked as beauty editor, editor-in-chief, and creative director of numerous high-end publications and companies. Her credits include Marie Claire, Mode, Women’s Wear Daily (where she fell in love with my father who was a fashion illustrator and now a terrific fine artist) and lastly, Code Magazine published by Larry Flynt. I grew up watching my mother in the workforce. I skipped school more often than not to sit with her at the office. My love for words was most certainly inspired by her. Also, my sense of style and eye for fashion and editing and creating grew as I was there by her side at every photo shoot and on every tour bus. One of my earliest memories is getting booted from a shoot with Tyra Banks. I was around 9 years old, sprinting around the hotel suite with a popsicle like a wily elf!

            Aside from my bloodline, I instinctively always knew that the way to become a writer was to read great writers. So my earliest training was ingesting every book, play, screenplay, snip of poetry, sky writing, ad writing that I could get my hands on. I was influenced by Charles Bukowski and Henry Miller and Marguerite Duras, so the idea of an alternative education excited me. My schooling was with Austin Pendleton at the Herbert Berghof acting school in lower Manhattan, studying English at Marymount Manhattan College, and a playwright and dramatic studies program at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, as well as programs at The New York Film Academy. And then there was the travel: all across the globe. Barcelona was my first destination, where I studied Spanish and traveled to Bilbao and the island of Ibiza for new insights into the human condition. I then traveled to London and Paris, and later on lived in Stockholm with a gangly philatelist. My most recent travel writing took place in Marfa, Texas, a place of hedonism and artistic dreams, most of them burned out on the road paved with Austin-made vodka. 

            My professional work began as a sports writer for The Arizona Daily Star, based out of Tucson, Arizona. I reported from the sidelines of my brother’s journey as an elite college football player to a high draft pick in the NFL where he had a successful six-year career. I later wrote for Interview Magazine, and was a copy writer for Folio Magazine in Jacksonville, Florida. I have written numerous short plays and one four act play, a book of poems, one novel length factional tale of romance and travel, and two screenplays. I have assisted top screenwriters in Los Angeles, as well. I am also a member of the legendary Actors Studio, based in New York and Los Angeles.

            My current goal is to continue writing long and short prose and poetry, journalism and drama. I will develop these writings into singular works of art. I will also hone my creative direction skills and explore different avenues of creative enlightenment, whether that be on the road in some peculiar land or at home with my head in a book of great literature. I am equally talented and inspired by working on topics including film, sports, health, wellness, relationships, environmental issues, technology, love, lust, dreams...the list goes on, forever enjoying the moment.

All my best to you and yours...